Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Need I say more?
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  1. sorry if this is a duplicate - I just posted a comment but it's not showing up. I do think my recipe for colcannon is fabulous, and if people don't know what to do with kale, it will be very useful, so here goes again: You can use any proportions you like, but this works great with one onion, one large bunch of kale (8 oz or more), and 3 pounds of potatoes. Chop and saute one onion in just enough olive oil and butter until clear (2 Tbsp is a good start). Remove any tough ribs from kale, rinse, and cook as you would spinach, with about 1/8 cup more water (cover pot to prevent drying and scorching). Boil potatoes separately. You're going to add the onions and kale to mashed potatoes. So, while the potatoes are cooking, chop the cooked kale, add to the sauteed onions, and saute a bit more, adding salt and pepper and any other seasoning you want. Then, turn the cooked potatoes into mashed potatoes, adding butter, milk, whatever you normally do. When the potatoes are as smooth as you want (we eat ours lumpy and kind of runny, but you don't have to eat them like that), mix in the onion/kale mixture. It's so rich it tastes like it's got pork in it - but obviously it doesn't!

    Colcannon is supposedly Irish but none of my Irish friends have ever heard of it. They say that it may be peasant food... but it's great, and it goes with any kind of meat/fish you can imagine, almost - and if you're a vegetarian you absolutely MUST try it because it's so good and versatile. If your kids are picky eaters, you can try to make patties out of it, fry it, and serve it with ketchup - let me know how that goes... I have not tried it but I think if my kids were hungry enough, they'd eat it!

    I can't wait to try fresh swiss chard. So we seriously have a whole month to wait for our first farm share delivery? By then I may have written a whole cookbook with my plans for spring greens.

  2. Thanks Kathryn! Got your membership today, and can't wait to meet you. Feel free to post recipes here...I am hoping to do the same if time permits...it seems to pass to quickly these days:)